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Many women develop vaginal infections during their life, and yeast infections are one of the most common. Pinky Ronen, MD & Itai Ronen, MD are experienced OB/GYNs in Houston who understands the irritation and discomfort yeast infections cause and provides treatments that quickly and effectively clear up the problem. If you think you have a yeast infection, get an accurate diagnosis and the best available treatment by calling Dr. Ronen & Itai Ronen OB/GYNs or book an appointment online.

Yeast Infection Q & A

What is a yeast infection?

Yeast infections are common causes of itching and irritation of the vulva and vagina. The infection is due to a type of fungus called Candida, which causes symptoms such as:

  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Pain when urinating
  • Painful intercourse

In some cases, women experience a discharge from their vagina that is thin and watery. It can also be white and lumpy, like cottage cheese.


How do I get a yeast infection?

The candida fungus that causes yeast infections lives naturally in your vagina and gut, where they usually cause no harm. However, under certain circumstances, the fungus starts to multiply, causing a yeast infection. Triggers for yeast infections include antibiotics and stress, among others.


How is a yeast infection diagnosed?

The symptoms of yeast infection are similar to the symptoms of other conditions, and it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis to receive the correct treatment. If you have any symptoms of a yeast infection, visit our office for testing.

A sample of cells from your vagina may be taken and examined under a microscope to look for signs of the fungus that causes yeast infections. He may also do a culture test on the sample to check what type of yeast you have.


How is a yeast infection treated?

Treatment for yeast infections involves taking a pill to kill the fungus inside your body or using topical creams or tablets that you apply to your vagina and vulva. These medicines kill the candida fungus that causes a yeast infection, and you should feel better within a few days.

If you still experience symptoms after you finish your course of treatment, go back to see Dr. Pinky Ronen or Dr. Itai Ronen again. He may need to give you more medication or try a different product.


Why do I keep getting yeast infections?

If you regularly have a yeast infection, make sure you talk to our doctors about it. The first step is to make sure the symptoms are due to a yeast infection and not another health problem.

If tests rule out any other cause for your symptoms, our doctors may recommend a different form of medication. Different strains of yeast react differently to each type of medication, so you may need to try an alternative.

Yeast infections are irritating and unpleasant, but our doctors can provide you with an effective course of treatment that kills the candida fungus and restores you to health. Call Dr. Ronen OB/GYN today or book an appointment online.