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There is no substitute for the personal, compassionate care that comes with a private practice. This is especially true in obstetrics and gynecology. Instead of a busy practice with dozens of doctors, you will interact with the same nurses, nurse practitioners and doctor from one visit to the next to ensure continuous care and attention.

Dr. Ronen has been practicing medicine in Houston for nearly two decades. In that time, he’s stayed abreast on the latest advances in imaging technology, laboratory tests, surgical equipment and medical treatment options to give you optimal medical care coupled with his acclaimed commitment to patient satisfaction and personal care.

As part of that commitment, our office offers in-house services so that you don’t have to shuffle from one medical office to another or call multiple places to get feedback and answers on test results.

  • Our electronic medical records are not only available to our staff at any time and place so that we can be informed and organized, but accessible for your viewing online.
  • Our modern ultrasound machine provides Doppler and color flow technology and we offer 3D and 4D ultrasounds.
  • Our whole body done densitometer uses state-of-the-art technology to screen for bone mineral loss.
  • Our urodynamic testing equipment helps to diagnose and treat incontinence problems.
  • We have an in-office procedure room that allows us to preform many outpatient procedures without a hospital or clinic visit.

We know that women have many options for medical care in Houston and we’re pleased you’re taking the time to consider placing your health in Dr. Ronen’s hands.

Dr. Ronen’s office team is a group dedicated to you and your medical needs. Like Dr. Ronen, we strive to provide the best medical care, address any questions or concerns and be available to provide optimal care. Our business staff knows that when it comes to medical care, it’s easy to get misinformed and frustrated by insurance companies, charges, deductibles and adjustments. We value patient relationships and strive to ease the process with accurate information and open communication.

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  • Celina  Yanez, MA
    Celina Yanez, MA
  • Dorit  Ronen
    Dorit Ronen
  • Chelsea  Muesse, RDMS
    Chelsea Muesse, RDMS
  • Chelsea   Skinner
    Chelsea Skinner
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